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    glow N go

    Glow ‘N Go

    YPB was one of the sponsors of this most unique event of the summer, benefiting local cancer survivor, Christina Rodriquez.
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    White Water Rafting

    Event Date: 07/14-7/17/2013
    Colorado River White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon!
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    019 113 114 Nikki and Pat






    beach to bay

    Beach to Bay 2013

    Team CCEA (Corpus Christi’s Executives Association) came together with their first annual Beach to Bay Relay Team in honor of Edwin Edwards coming in 882 out of 2500 teams. Team members in order of the legs they ran were, Pat Caldwell, Cassandra Strom, Tanya Simpson Land, George Clower, Steve West and John Clonch. Lisa Wright with YPB Training Studio sponsored, captained and trained the team along with Debi Book owner of Outlaw Embroidery who provided the t-shirts, visors and encouragement!

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    Christmas Open House 2012

    YPB Training Studio held this year’s Open House on Saturday, December 1st. Our Open House
    was a huge success with many friends and clients who dropped by to register for almost $1000
    worth of door prize giveaways, sample our goodies and take away some healthy Christmas gift
    giving ideas.



    The winners of our drawings were:


    Christian Women’s Health Summit 2012

    YPB Training Studio was represented at the Christian Women’s Health Summit on Saturday,
    November 3rd in Portland by trainers, Terry Cobb & Marcia Keener.  Several speakers
    addressed important women’s issues such as depression, getting a fitness program started,
    nutrition and hormonal issues, along with Keynote speaker, Connie Hall who spoke on the
    importance of spiritual health through a relationship with Jesus Christ.








    Rolling Class

    Foam rollers, Bod-Chi balls and floor mats!  A perfect recipe to increase flexibility,  joint mobility and circulation.  This class was led through a systematic variation of stretches and varied pressures to relieve tension and create myofascial release.  Many were surprised at how relaxed and flexible they felt afterwards.  Another great tool for your fitness arsenal!

    “Terry, I have to say that after that hour of stretching, my left hip felt so much
    better!  It has been bothering me for about 8 months. My daughter, who is a personal trainer
    in Dallas, kept telling me to stretch a lot or take a yoga class, but I never took the time
    to do so. I have been stretching in the mornings using some of the moves that you showed us
    and it makes a difference in my day!!!!! I enjoy your classes so much. You are patient but
    tough, and always prepared with the exercises you have planned for the hour.  Thanks!!!!” 
    Cindy Schrom





    Supermarket Shopping Tour

    Lisa conducted the Supermarket Shopping Tour at the local HEB.  During the tour Lisa educated the group on how to understand food labels so they could make healthier choices for themselves and their families.  The group was made aware of some marketing strategies that food companies use to get you to buy their products.  Many also surprised by the nutritional values of some foods along with hidden calories many contained.

    Testimonial:  “What an awakening it was for me to go on a shopping tour with Lisa Wright a couple of nights ago.  It was shocking to see that what I thought were pretty healthy choices.  When she sent us out to pick 5 items that we would typically buy, I discovered they were in fact,  not that great.  She not only spent a lot of time explaining label information that is crucial to a healthy approach to your grocery shopping, but she also showed us great items to buy and feel good about what your eating.  I am so grateful to her and hope she does more tours soon!”  ~Martha Lewis

    YPB Owner to Cycled 150+ Miles: 
    Bike MS: Valero 2012 *Oct. 13-14* Alamo Ride to the
    River. This cause is one that is near and dear to Lisa’s heart and the only fundraiser that
    she directly asks others to support with her. Multiple sclerosis is a progressive
    neurological disease that affects people in many different ways. It could be paralysis one
    day, loss of vision the next or impaired memory the day after that. Living with MS means
    living with uncertainty. Kirby King offered his story of living with MS and together with
    Lisa raised over $3,000.




    Fitness Decathlon:

    We encouraged our client of YPB by challenging them to their own Fitness  Decathlon Event.   We designed a fun challenge to see how everyone could do overall in their age categories against other YPB clients.   Events included stationary biking, push ups, skipping, a 400 m run/walk, a mile run/walk, bench press, chin ups, wall squats and more.

    Fitness Decathlon 2012  Overall Achievers in their categories:   Men’s 30’s category, Women’s 50’s category and Men’s 70+ category





    Sand Castle Building: While there was still evening daylight left, these sandcastle building events were offered two consecutive Fridays. September 28th With record reservations was called off due to weather at the last minute.October 5th With PERFECT weather was called off due to only 1 reservation!
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    Photo courtesy of a previous highly successful Sand Castle Building Event



    Complimentary Educational Workshop “Keep the Body Strong” At Your Personal Best Training Studio, we believe that Education + Action = Results. You can’t do better if you don’t know better!  So every month, we offer a Free workshop to provide you with the information you need to live your best life.  Guests are welcome. View this Past Event’s Information







    White Water Rafting Informational Meeting: 
    Event Date: 09/29/2012
    Colorado River White Water Rafting in the Grand Canyon!
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    Fat to Fit in 8 Weeks: Is currently still in session. Check back after the
    New Year if you are ready to make significant changes to your physique and
    fitness level.  Jump-start the fat loss process and learn exactly how to structure your
    life so you lose fat quickly, safely and permanently.  Do it right with our fitness


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    Complimentary Educational Workshop “Stop The Clock”:  At
    Your Personal Best Training Studio, we believe that Education + Action = Results. You can’t
    do better if you don’t know better!  So every month, we will offer a Free workshop to
    provide you with the information you need to live your best life.  Guests are welcome.
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    “Lisa, thank you. My eyes are open to a new light I had not been ready to see until now. I enjoyed our chat, too. I am reeling from my recent experiences and enlightenment.
    Just wanted to say thank you.”  ~ Mary Martinez


    earn to Stand Up Paddle Board:  Friends and clients of YPB rented stand up paddle boards (SUP) and hit the beautiful waters of the Texas coast today. Stand up paddle boarding was easily learned by all of us, featured a great view of the surroundings and waterways, and was an excellent core workout! We were all first time paddlers and www.padrepaddle.com had us covered.
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    “Easiest and most enjoyable 2 hour workout I’ve had in awhile! Very serene out there. I loved it!” 
    ~Mary Martinez

    “This really was a lot of fun and was worth every penny. Thanks Lisa for including me………looking forward to the next time” ~ Latisha Berryhill


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